Sovereign Hill Farm

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About me, Kathrin

I was born in California to a mother who believed in nourishing organic food long before it was a movement. I grew up helping in the garden, shelling peas, collecting eggs and with my own milk cow. I knew by age 11 that I'd be a healer utilizing plants and started studying herbs at that time by devouring any herbal books I could afford with the money from my milk and cheese sales. It wasn't until I was 30 that I realized that it was actually flower essences, rather than herbal medicines, that would be the vehicle for my sharing the healing energies of our plant allies.

I am an introvert who has created a life of quiet and beauty that is deeply fulfilling to me. My connection with the natural world is a source of nourishment as is the delightful soul-connection I share with all the animals here. I am passionate about resilience whether it be in our food supply or in our emotional balance. My work with flower essences is one way I share my gift of healing. Another way is my private flower essence therapy practice that offers healing sessions in person and by phone.