Sovereign Hill Farm

Farmstay Options

Farm Stays

There are 3 types of Farm Stays to choose between. They are all very different with the common theme being only location. We have only a certain number of days we open the farm to Farm Stay visitors and we will offer phone time to help us all decide if this is a good match for you, us and this land. Accommodations are simple and yet comfortable. Food is simple, yet delicious.

Farm Stay as Retreat

This option offers a chance to spend some time in nature, eating good food, having some connection with us if you choose to share meals or join us in the gardens or having solitude for mediation, writing, praying, etc. Contact us.

Farm Stay as Lifestyle Exploration

Many people hear how we live and respond that we are living their dream life. If you've always thought you wanted to live this way but don't want to make any large life changes without being sure, come and try it out with us.

You'll get to wake up early, start with tea/coffee and a light breakfast and head up to the barn to help with chores or out to the garden to plant, weed or harvest depending upon the season. You'll sweat in the sun, get grimy and likely have some sore muscles. You'll probably enjoy the light banter, work up an appetite and be ready to collapse after dinner. You'll also probably make use of our fairly extensive library of educational farming books and have go to sleep with your head swimming with ideas.

There's always time to talk while working or eating so you'll have a chance to ask a lot of questions, share your thoughts and plans, and float some ideas past us.

Farm Stay as Intensive Learning Opportunity

The third choice is to use a Farm Stay as a one-on-one workshop tailored to include just what you want to know. Between the two of us we have quite the breadth of land-based skills; everything from splitting wood, to making cheese.

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