Sovereign Hill Farm

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I LOVE the mystery of making cheese. I know that for some more proficient makers it's less of a mystery but for me it continues to be a mysterious miracle that I can use heat and cultures to create delicious, beautiful cheeses from the milk our goats provide us.

My favorites? I think I love the soft, white mold, ashed cheeses and the hard aged cheeses equally. I don't try to recreate the cheeses of others but seek instead to make beautiful, tasty cheese each time with the acceptance that every time I make cheese it will be a little bit different. I like to experiment with spices, different strategies of aging as well as decoration with leaves from our gardens.

Because our dairy is not a licensed facility I do not offer any of my cheese for sale at this time. The laws of many other states would allow me to sell our cheese but Massachusetts has some of the most strict dairy laws in the nation.

If you'd like to learn to make cheese I offer that as a skill-learning option for our farm stay program.

  • Caerphilly cheese with coating of smoke paprika

  • Caerphilly adorned with leaves

  • Natural rind tomme

  • Star Anise Ashed Cheese

  • Small, leaf-adorned Valencay style cheese

  • Cheese aged with birch bark

  • Shitake Mushroom Brie

  • leaf adorned cheese

  • small ashed cheese