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Baked Goods

We prefer to bake our own rather than buy bread, pastries, crackers and cookies. I use the "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" method to bake artisan bread for our household. The flour I like most is from the ancient wheat called Einkorn. It has almost twice the protein and mineral levels of the modern wheats. Einkornís gluten is easy on the digestive systems compared with the form of gluten in modern wheats.

Mostly I make bread and my own version of slightly spicy graham crackers. Our farm life is so busy that it's handy to have fuel we can grab quickly and baked goods fill that need. The bread gets maximum use during tomato season when we eat cheese/tomato/pesto sandwiches almost every day.

Our farmstay program offers the choice of learning to bake bread if that's a skill you'd like to learn. Of course, extensive taste-testing of warm bread slathered with butter or dipped in garlic oil usually follows the baking tutorial!