Sovereign Hill Farm

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I, Kathrin, LOVE food! It's probably a good thing I have chosen such an active lifestyle because I love to eat. More than eat though I love to grow and make food. In fact, there are days I go hungry because I am having so much fun working outside that I don't stop to eat.

It can be increasingly difficult to find high quality food ingredients. Much of the food available today is tainted with chemicals, pesticide residues, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. Our nation's food systems are not efficient, are not safe for it's workers and increasingly channel profits into corporations or shareholders rather than the people actually doing the work. Most meat is raised in inhumane systems without respect or honor for the lives of the livestock. It's been proven over and over again that small family farms are more efficient than large factory farms.

Because our food quality is important to us we've chosen to raise much of it ourselves. That means our diet does not include most tropical ingredients but it does mean we have assurance that our food is healing and nourishing for us to consume.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos of some of our foods and please check out the cheese page if you'd like a glimpse into how much fun I have making cheese. If you too have wondered about what it might be like to grow some of your own food, consider checking out the option of a farm stay based on learning skills.