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Our Kinder Goat Herd

This page introduces our Kinder goats. We are starting with young goats and we will add photos as they grow. Click on their photo or name to go to their page and see pedigree and other information.

Kinders for Sale

Please call or email us to be put on a wait list. We don't take deposits but we do have a wait list with a first come, first served model like many breeders. We are excited to bring high quality Kinder bloodlines to the Northeast. There are few Kinders in the Northeast and when we chose this breed we wanted to make sure that anyone meeting Kinders for the first time would be impressed. We chose to start with high quality stock from the beginning, believing that this gives us a boost towards having the ability to show New England the gift that Kinder goats are to the homestead and small dairy.

We expect to have at least a couple of kids available in the spring of 2015 although we reserve the right to keep them all since we are growing our herd. When we are ready to sell breeding stock we will not promise any of them until they've had time to "unfurl" from their time in the womb and give us a chance to assess whether they meet our standards of breeding stock that we are willing to send out into the world with our herd name on them. We want you to be happy with any goats you purchase from us and we want to do our part to help this relatively young breed meet it's goals.

We only sell our goats to people who have a sense of the reality of owning goats and are ready to be responsible owners. It is not kind to impulsively buy goats because they are cute and fun. We will offer pet quality wethers (castrated males) from time to time and we want to make sure they will be loved and cared for appropriately with feed and housing appropriate to their needs. Wethers can be loving pets gifted at keeping brush eaten down, and wonderful hiking and walking companions.

We are willing, and happy, to sell to first time goat owners and we enjoy mentoring new owners because we are thankful for all the kind and generous folks who have mentored us when we were new to goats.

All goats born here are disbudded and have some initial immunity from their mother's late pregnancy CDT vaccination. We do not do routine vaccinations but are willing to vaccinate if buyers request it due to certain conditions/needs.

Buyers from out of state are responsible for any costs associated with health certificates if required for transport.